SW Singapore ChatGPT


The Social Work Singapore Q & A Assistant allows you to only query the Code of Professional Ethics for Social Work Profession Singapore.

Use the app with discretion! If you made any queries, let me know how it went so that I know how to improve this. Give me feedback/ideas at: gerard@nus.edu.sg.

Consider funding this app to use better models and to host on faster computers. Each query you make costs me $. A $10 can fund about 250 queries (4 cents per query).

Try it out. Use good prompts (see below). Ask questions like:

Future Plans

Additional note:

Tips to prompts

Instead of

“Is evaluation a responsibility of social work profession in Singapore?”, instead ask:


“Is evaluation a responsibility in the social work profession in Singapore? In giving your response, take note of the following. First, only give a response specifically to information found in the code of professional ethics of the social work profession in Singapore. Second, give your answers in point form. Third, do not cite the section. Instead, state the page number and the”sentence” from the code of ethics where you get your information from.”