Gerard Chung

  • Research Fellow, Social Service Research Centre, NUS
I am a research fellow at the Social Service Research Centre, National University of Singapore. I have a Ph.D. in social work from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Social Work. I had also practiced as a social worker in a family service centre in Singapore.
As a social work researcher, I am interested in researching parenting, family services in the community, and risk assessment. I am especially interested in intervention research and development. With the increased availability of administrative data as a form of BIG data, I am interested to advance the use of admin data in the social service sector to improve social work practices, develop prediction models for risk assessment, and to evaluate social in‑ terventions. I also identify as a methodologist where the through line connecting my research interests involved the use of computational social science methods and advanced statistical methods.
Recently, I started various text-as-data analysis projects. See this latest article where I used natural language processing techniques to understand how 1,500 news articles reported about social service agencies during the pandemic in Singapore. See this on how to analyze open-ended survey responses. I am also extracting textual data from SSAs' annual reports from 2016 to 2022 to look at how directors/CEOs report about their agencies before and during the pandemic. Join my GitHub to follow these projects. My other active work includes two longitudinal studies: Enhancing Positive Outcomes in Youth and the Community and In-Work Poverty and the Challenges of Getting by among the Young
My scholarly work can be accessed at Google ScholarResearchGateGitHub
Interests. Parenting, Family Services, Intervention research, Evaluation, Administrative data, Risk assessment, Text-as-data analysis, Computational social science