Currently, a placeholder for course resources or things I created which I think could be useful for social work practice.

1. Social Media and Use of SMS/Emails Policy for Service Users

“clients must provide expressed agreement to engage in digital exchanges with the social work practitioner to ensure that the convenience of new technologies does not override the professional values of client self-determination, informed consent and confidentiality” as cited in Mattison (2018), p. 230

What is it? A template or guide for you to talk to your clients about using social media or electronic communications means.

Why? Increased use of social media and SMSes or emails among social workers to communicate or to provide help to service users mean that we should lay down some rules and guidelines to make the interactions effective, safe, and ethical. I know that many SSAs do not have a policy for social media/electronic communications. This leaves a gap which workers have to thread on their own. I created this template for social workers to use as a guide or as an information sheet that they can discuss with their clients.

Where is it? Currently I am opening it up to social workers to revise and improve. Go to link: GoogleDoc_draft

Can my organization/myself use it in its original form/revise it? Yes! The license allows reusers to distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the material in any medium or format, even for commercial purposes. I only need you to give credit to the creator(s).

Cite it as: Chung, G. (2024). Social Media and SMS/Email Policy for Service Users.

Social Media and SMS/Email Policy for Service Users by Gerard Chung is licensed under CC BY 4.0

2. “A Day as a Social Worker” for Social Workers’ Day 2024!

A kiddy game to showcase what a social worker does! Plays best on a keyboard!

3. Need templates to do up a research poster?

Mike Morrison has give us some templates in his “Better Scientific Posters” project. They can be accessed here at “Better Scientific Poster”.

  1. “betterposter-template-portrait.pptx”
  2. “betterposter-template-landscape.pptx


Mattison, Marian. 2018. “Informed Consent Agreements: Standards of Care for Digital Social Work Practices.” Journal of Social Work Education 54 (2): 227–38.